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Brown Water Spirits expands straight whiskey footprint in Kentucky

Brown Water Spirits, the maker of O.H. Ingram River Aged Whiskey Series, has made its straight whiskey available to markets in Kentucky, the US.

Brown Water Spirits claimed that its O.H. Ingram River Aged Series is the only whiskey that has been aged in floating rickhouse moored on the riverbank in Ballard County, Kentucky.

Brown Water Spirits founder and proprietor Hank Ingram said: “Kentucky holds a special place in my heart. I’ve long had a deep, personal connection to the state, and the fact that we age our whiskey right here in Ballard County is a major part of that.

“We all know what Kentucky means to whiskey, and I’m proud to be able to stand next to our peers in the state now. I’m confident Kentucky whiskey drinkers will come to know and love our unique story and spirit just like their counterparts in Tennessee have.”

Preparation of O.H. Ingram involves an innovative whiskey maturation process – as the whiskey is aged on the water, it is claimed to leverage the dramatic rise and fall of the Mississippi River as well as its climatic conditions.

These factors are claimed to combine to provoke a unique interaction between wood and spirit that cannot be replicated inside a traditional rickhouse.

The constant motion of the river ensures that the whiskey never stops working, thereby creating an extraordinary spirit, claimed the firm.

Ingram further added: “We aren’t speeding up the aging process, our whiskey just works harder. Ingram River Aged is the result of blending entrepreneurship and innovation with tradition. While all whiskies are products of the environment, only ours is ‘Mellowed on the Mississippi.’”

The company said that its Ingram River Aged whiskey is available in retail stores and on-premise locations across Kentucky, under its partnership with Heidelberg Distributing company.

Heidelberg Distributing Company general sales manager Joshua Mulberry said: “We’re excited about O.H. Ingram River Aged Whiskey and the early feedback we’ve heard from the market has been extraordinary.

“If there were ever a market that would appreciate the unique combination of tradition and innovation this whiskey has to offer, it’s Kentucky whiskey and bourbon connoisseurs.”

Last October, the company launched Ingram River Aged Straight Whiskey, which is the first expression in the Ingram River Aged Series.

In December 2020, the company also launched its Ingram River Aged Straight Rye.

The company said that it is planning to launch Ingram River Aged Wheated Bourbon, which is the third in the series, later this year.