Mellowed on the Mississippi

Mellowed On The Mississippi

A New Wave

of Whiskey

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Where River and Whiskey Meet

O.H. Ingram River Aged Whiskey is Mellowed on the Mississippi in a first-of-its-kind floating rickhouse. Our whiskey uses the climate of the river along with its rise and fall to provoke a unique interaction with wood and spirit.


Bringing the Magic of the River to Life

Five generations ago, O.H. Ingram began his own American success story with two things — oak trees and a rushing river. Now, more than 150 years later, Hank Ingram is carrying on this spirit by mastering the combination of wood, whiskey, and the magic of the river to create Ingram River Aged Whiskey.

Welcome to Ballard County, Kentucky

Our whiskey is aged in a barge on the Western edge of Kentucky in Wickliffe, birthplace of the mighty Mississippi.

The Team Behind the Spirit

The folks at O.H. Ingram Distilling Company have mastered the combination of wood, whiskey, and the magic of the river.