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If You’re Tired Of Bourbon Aged On Land – O.H. Ingram Whiskey Is Your Answer

Fans of traditional bourbon are in for something new and exciting. For hundreds of years, spirits producers have been aging and maturing their distillate in warehouses, attics, barns and more. You know, on land. Well, land isn’t all that exciting. There are no tides, no motion, it’s pretty flat and static.

Brown Water Spirits – a nod to inland water sources – noticed this lack of excitement as well, and has released their first batches of O.H. Ingram River Aged Straight Whiskey – notably both a rye and a bourbon. These specific releases are sourced from various mash bills of MGP in Indiana, clearly stated on the label, but is matured in a floating barge, moored in Kentucky. These barges aren’t insulated or climate controlled, giving barrels the same access to the atmosphere and changing climate that a traditional rickhouse might. The group has a patent pending for their new approach.

If this sounds a bit familiar, you may be thinking of Jefferson’s Ocean, which is the only reasonably similar whiskey product in the market. Jefferson’s Ocean batches are aged via the deck of a boat, which makes legitimate travels across the ocean, but for significantly shorter periods of time. Ingram’s whiskey rests in barrels, for the entirety of their aging – at least 3 years and with the intention to age much further.

After three years on the river, O.H. Ingram’s Rye Whiskey is bottled at 49% ABV. The whiskey features notes of sweet honey, brown butter, a touch of pepper and some pleasant oak character – impressive for the age. Read the full Whiskey Raiders review. We look forward to trying the straight whiskey, which should be available shortly for a Raider’s House Review.

All in all, it’s valuable for whiskey companies to differentiate themselves from the competition in any way that’s possible, and effective – an approach that the barge aging whiskey happening at O.H Ingram is sure to accomplish.