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Review: O.H. Ingram River Aged Straight Bourbon

Recently we brought you coverage of O.H. Ingram’s River Aged Rye, MGP stock which ages in a floating rickhouse on the Mississippi River. Ingram’s line now runs to four whiskeys, including this straight bourbon, which also starts with MGP spirit. No formal age statement, but as a straight bourbon, it means the whiskey is at least 2 years of age.

This is solid bourbon, if not entirely surprising. A powerful nose, slightly beefy, melds barrel char, dark chocolate, and peanut shell notes into a cohesive and engaging whole. It’s a denser whiskey than most at what is clearly a fairly young age, lightly peppery and generally woodsy. Again nothing shocking on the palate: Some peanut, some spice, a layer of apple butter, and a long, wood-forward finish. Notes of dill pop as the whiskey evolves a bit in glass. Things get chewy on the back end, with a touch of prune to add just a hint of fruit to the mix.

As with the rye, it’s not cheap considering the age and provenance, but also as with the rye, it’s a solid whiskey with plenty to love about it. I’ve certainly gone back to the well more than once in preparing this review. Giddy up.

105 proof.

A- / $76 / ingramwhiskey.com