The Mississippi River at Wickliffe

Moored on the riverbank of Ballard County, KY, our patent-pending floating barrelhouse utilizes the climate of the Mississippi River, along with its drastic rise and fall, to provoke a unique interaction between our whiskey and our barrels.

How it Works

  • Motion – Our whiskey works harder than any other. The motion of the river keep the whiskey inside our barrels constantly churning, exposing more liquid to the surface of the barrel where it extracts more flavor from the wood.
  • Temperature – Our whiskey experiences large diurnal shifts (the difference in temperature between daily highs and lows). The heat from the daytime sun the causes the pores in the  wood to expand and absorb more whiskey. At night, the river pulls the heat from the barge causing the pores to squeeze the whiskey back into the barrel along with the flavors it has extracted.
  • Humidity – the humidity from the river keeps our barrels moist. Aside from slowing down evaporation of the whiskey (known as the Angel’s Share), the sugars in our barrels do not dry out in the heat, keeping a nice molasses-like consistency. This allows the whiskey to better extract the flavors from the wood.

2022 Minimum Stage

7 ft

2022 Maximum Stage

47.11 ft

Cumulative Movement

291.57 ft

Turning the Ordinary into Extraordinary

Aged on a barge that is moored on the riverbank of Ballard County, KY, we utilize the climate of the Mississippi River, along with its drastic rise and fall, to provoke a unique interaction between wood and spirit that is unlike any other.

The temperature swings, humidity, and constant cadence of the flowing water keeps our whiskey working. The result is a mellow taste mature beyond its age.

Housed in a first-of-its-kind floating rickhouse, O.H. Ingram River Aged Whiskey takes advantage of the Mississippi River to create a whiskey with the personality all its own. We call it barrel aged and river raised!

“Our whiskey barrels are exposed to the constant rise and fall of the river. When coupled with the river’s climate of humidity and its temperature swings, our whiskey literally never stops working.”

– Hank Ingram, Proprietor