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O.H. Ingram Flagship Bourbon Highlights Benefits of River-Aged Whiskey

By: Scott Dilley

Bourbon Lens was first introduced to O.H. Ingram in late 2020 when we had Founder Hank Ingram on Bourbon Lens Episode 103. Hank explained his vision for the company and their unique method of aging whiskey; employing a barge to act as a floating rickhouse. While skepticism for this unique aging process might be warranted initially, it was quickly clear to us that Ingram was onto something in that the whiskey was showing a lot of maturity and depth for its relatively young age. Fast forward nearly two years and O.H. Ingram recently released its 2nd edition of its Flagship Bourbon.

About O.H. Ingram Flagship Bourbon

According to the brand, O.H. Ingram River Aged Flagship Bourbon is an annual release meant to showcase their bourbon at its best. Flagship is a term reserved for the most impressive vessel in a fleet. This is an expression worthy of that title. This year’s release was produced from a blend of 8 mid-rye bourbon barrels that were chosen for their superb depth and character. The barrels were distilled in Indiana and aged on the banks of the Mississippi in Ballard County, Kentucky. The O.H. Ingram Flagship Bourbon is available in select markets and is priced at $99.

We are excited to bring you this review of the 2022 Flagship Bourbon by O.H. Ingram. We thank Brown Water Spirits and Hank Ingram for the opportunity to try this whiskey for purposes of review.

Just The Facts:

Proof: 100

Style: Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Distilled: MGPI (Lawrenceburg, IN)

Aged: Ballard County, KY (Floating on the Mississippi River)

Price: $99

Scott’s Tasting Notes: O.H. Ingram Flagship Bourbon


Nose: Cinnamon, chocolate, and caramel corn. A faint minty, herbal note.

Palate:  light oak on the front of the palate, with sweetness emerging from notes of molasses, maple syrup and raisins.

Finish: The mouthfeel is fairly rich for what I suspect is a less-than-5 year old bourbon and the finish is short to medium in length with a nice sweetness.

Closing Thoughts: 

While I am only estimating the age of this whiskey, I believe that the river-aging of this distillate had a nice influence on the depth of the bourbon. This is not our first experience with O.H. Ingram, so I know that Ingram has sourced some excellent distillate and have put their own spin on the clear spirit by leveraging their unique aging location and style. This bourbon benefits from its 100 proof bottling, it provides plenty of heat and viscosity to carry the flavors across your palate. As a limited release, if you are looking for an elevated offering from a great team who clearly knows how to blend whiskey, this one might be worth your time.

About Brown Water Spirits:


Brown Water Spirits LLC was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Nashville, TN. With whiskey aging operations in Ballard County, Kentucky, Brown Water Spirits pioneered the first patent-pending floating barrelhouse on the Mississippi River. The result is the O.H. Ingram River Aged Series.
The series has attracted a number of accolades, including a Platinum medal at the 2021 SIP Awards and Double Gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition for the Straight Rye. The Straight Bourbon also won Gold at 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. The Tasting Panel gave scores of 94 for both the Straight Rye and the Straight Whiskey, and the Flagship bourbon won Platinum at 2022 SIP Awards and received a score of 93 from The Tasting Panel, among many other awards.

O.H. Ingram River Aged is available online via Seelbach’s and on shelves in Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Tennessee, and Wisconsin with additional markets coming as inventory allows through R.S. Lipman and Vintage Point, the National Sales Agent.