On the hunt for Ingram Whiskey? Let us guide you.


Buy Online for Direct Shipment

Thanks to a relationship with Seelbach's, an online retailer for craft spirits, Ingram Whiskey is available for direct shipment to 15 states.

Seelbach's is a growing collection of vetted spirits and wines from some of the best craft producers in the U.S. (their words, not ours!).

Seelbach's Craft Distillery Distribution Company Logo Ingram Whiskey

Find at a Retailer or Restaurant

To find Ingram Whiskey at a retail store or restaurant near you, start your search by simply selecting the expression and entering your zip code in the table below. The list that populates will tell you where our product has been delivered in the past 90 days.

We recommend leaning on the safe side by calling ahead to confirm if our product is in stock before you head out the door. (Although our whiskey has been delivered, we can guarantee it is still on shelves!)