Making & Shaking

River Aged Recipe Roze Pony 2-2

Twin Arrow

Cocktail courtesy of Roze Pony, Nashville, TN


2 oz Ingram River Aged Straight Whiskey
1.5 oz Arrow Cordial
Build, Shake, Strain.
Served on a large cube in a frozen glass with a dehydrated lemon to garnish


Insert 130 grams of lemon peel into a clean deli with 40 grams of citric and 8 grams of malic acid. Shake every 5 minutes for half an hour to allow the acid to pull the oil out of the lemon skin. As that is working, core 1050 grams of peaches. After half an hour, toss the lemon peels and peaches along with 50 grams of fresh basil leaf and 225 grams of white sugar into a blender. Blend thoroughly. Then lightly strain (not a fine strainer so you keep some peach texture) into a container. Label and refrigerate, using as needed.